Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Winner! Featuring Young Creatives & Montezuma Chocolate

I had some exciting news not long back. After entering a competition in which you had to combine flavours to create your ideal chocolate bar I received a tweet telling me I had won! The competition was run by the lovely 'The Young Creatives' in collaboration with Montezuma's Innovative British Chocolate

I am a great fan of luxury chocolates and am so grateful for this opportunity to try out a new brand of delicious chocolate goodness. I took some photos of the package and the chocolate, here you can see the gorgeous stylised packaging. The chocolate bar really is as big as an iPad! The flavour is Nanny Goat (Cockney for boat) Venezuelan chocolate with peanut & butterscotch, yum. I am particularly fond of the packaging, it really is very charming with British iconic images and a great use of typography.

If you're a fan of chocolate please check out Montezuma's store and for all you creative types or even not so creative visit The Young Creatives, they both are on Twitter.