Friday, 4 May 2012

Blossom Pink


It's the end of the week again and this week has been quite quiet. It's mostly been the usual University & Work. Going to be more of that over the weekend as well as hanging out with my boyfriend. In my true healthy style I'm still suffering an allergic reaction. 

The thing I did want to do was brighten up the blog with these lovely blossoms, in 2007 I was in Japan this week, enjoying the lovely weather. Sadly I'm in Britain where it is wet, cold and boring. So here is the Cherry Blossom tree, a beautiful example of natural Spring loveliness. 

To embrace this I've put together an outfit of pretties to coincide with the blossom theme. (The dress is £30 I think, I don't know why I put 22)


  1. That bracelet (or necklace, I wasn't sure) is beautiful!
    Love the concept behind this wishlist!

    1. Oh it is a bracelet but comes in necklace form too! I wasn't sure if I liked it as first as it is so unusual but I think with this co-ord it'd look so cute. Thanks for checking out my post. I'd love to have this for the Spring/Summer.