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So today I want to talk about motivation.Many people start fitness, health and most things in life with an initial buzz of motivation. Telling themselves 'I can do this!' and other wonderful phrases. Sadly this is usually short lived as results are often slow and many of us use results as our motive to carry on.

This is your chance to succeed.

You should, if you choose to, step away from looking at photos of super slender celebs that pay thousands for personal trainers. Step away from the idea that you will lose 20lbs just by eating one less hot dog a week and taking a ten minute stroll to the shop.

Motivation and will power are vital to succeeding. Believe me I have had my own journey that took will power of steel. Sitting in restaurants whilst my friends ordered burgers and chips, where I had to eat my home made little salad. I cut out soda completely including diet despite years of what would probably be considered addiction.

If you want motivation then you have to look into yourself and think hard about why you're doing this. Is it really just for you or is it about impressing a guy, your friends or people that look down on you? It is highly likely (but not 100%) that if you aren't doing this for yourself you will fail. 

Here are my top tips for motivating yourself 

Find an exercise you enjoy. Personally I love walking, it may seem a pain when you need to get some where quick but it is great for thinking time and very healthy. It will also be good for your heart.

Ignore the haters. Most of us have people in our lives who mean well but subconsciously feel envy or threatened by your success. After all if you get fit and healthy then they may have to put in more effort to meet up to the same image. No one wants to be 'the fat friend'. If some one says 'Oh you don't need to lose weight' despite your unhealthy weight or 'Let's go to Mcdonald's, once won't hurt!' then they are sabotaging you, remember this is about you and you only.

Involve your friends. You may have friends that would love to start getting fit too and you can buddy up and enjoy pushing each other to do your best. It will bring out a little bit of competitive nature and it will be more social. You can also go to classes together, feeling like the new person in a class alone can feel daunting but together you can laugh it off if you look silly.

Don't weigh yourself daily. This is such an easy way to demotivate yourself. Your weight can fluctuate by a good half stone from day to day. Try and limit the weigh ins to once a week or even once a fortnight if you can wait. Weigh yourself at the same time with similar clothing to get the most accurate reading.

Moderation. Nothing is less motivating than believing you'll never get to eat chocolate ever again or whatever your favourite food is. You can have a small piece then stick to your healthy diet, don't consider it cheating but rather stopping yourself from bingeing. Remember not to lie to yourself though, don't eat 50g of milk chocolate or 3 burgers then wonder why nothing is working for you. Keep it to moderation.

Plan. Plan meals, prepare your weeks meals when you have a free hour. It will keep you motivated if you have healthy food at the ready. Set yourself a work out planner as well, try and get at least 30 minutes exercise 6 days a week even if it is only walking the dog.

Unflattering photo. Find that photo of yourself you hate the most, one with a double chin or where you are bursting out of your clothes (dunno if every one has one heh). Pin that onto your wall so you see it every time you wake up. Keep a copy in your purse so when you're in town you will make healthy choices. Put it in your fridge, looking at that will change your mind about choosing a quick but unhealthy food.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional dietitian, I am not a doctor and I definitely don't believe I know everything. I simply wish to offer advice which has worked for me in the past. If you have some constructive criticism then that is fine but don't bash me for trying to help others.

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