Monday, 27 August 2012

Signature Monotone Black & White

I think every woman/girl or even fashionable guy out there has their go-to items in their wardrobe. Those statement items that are the foundation for many outfits. I love embracing the basic wardrobe, creating a variety of different ensembles with just my favourite clothes and then jazzing them up with jewellery, bags and other accessories. 

Here I wanted to show you guys the items that I couldn't manage without, the pieces that I can just throw on if I'm in a hurry or that I can glam up for a night out or to wear to an event. I've included some drawings to spice things up and so I can practice as I'm not good at it.

6 Statement Items

1. The Plain White T-Shirt 

Who doesn't have a plain white t-shirt? It really is the easiest of garments to match with almost anything. It can be worn with sweat pants to lounge around the house or with a pencil skirt to meetings. Personally I love teaming this with a pair of dark jeans or denim shorts, some killer heels and a fitted jacket. The versatile white t-shirt requires no colour co-ordinating and comes in plenty of fabric types and necklines for all shapes and sizes. My favourite has to be the soft cotton v-neck from MANGO, I also love Zara's t-shirts. 

2. Skinny Jeans

Now I used to detest skinny jeans, I saw too many people wearing the wrong size for them and in ghastly cheap fabrics (almost see through argh!). After a dramatic weight loss I caved in and bought some in grey and a pair of dark blue denim. I was converted! They are great with heels or flats, trainers or platforms. They come in so many different colours now too. My own preference is dark denim though, my black pair and dark blue are something I wear almost every day. Again these can worn with just about anything from my basics. 

3. Black Blazer Jacket

For years I have been wearing black blazer jackets, from when I was a wee goth teen to my current casual smart style. I've experimented with adding fur collars, having sleeves rolled up or down, cinching the waist with a belt, adding broaches and even changing the buttons to something glamorous and shiny. The best thing is this is an all year round garment. For those Summer evenings when it gets cooler over a Summer dress or in the winter under your wooly coat. 

4. Textured Belt

With all these simple pieces it is nice to have something that isn't black/white or plain. The textured belt can jazz up all those simple outfits and if you have something that lacks shape it can accentuate your waist or draw attention to your hips.

5. Leather Jacket

In the high-street fashion blogosphere I'd need to search hard to find some one that doesn't have one of these. Partly this is because they are just such a stylish and easy to wear piece of clothing. I love that it adds a rock flare to cute girly dresses and it is great for a night out when you don't want a big coat weighing you down. I actually own about 4 leather/pleather jackets but my favourite has to be my one. It was very good value for money and is so durable, I've worn it so much and it is still like new!

6. Plain Vest Top 

Pretty simple, it can be worn alone to keep cool in the Summer or layered up as much as you like for cooler times. Being a British lass I know only too well the value of layering clothes with our cold and dreary weather. 

What are your go-to items? What couldn't you do with out in your wardrobe?


  1. For some reason I'm missing some of these staples :(

  2. These are my staples so I guess you don't need them hehe but I think they're great for every one as they're things you can get in all shapes and sizes. :) TY for your comment x