Saturday, 1 September 2012

Winter Is Coming...

Had a little discussion with a few of my friends on Twitter about dressing for Winter. I think many people dread the change over of wardrobes as Summer you can throw on a pair of shorts and T-shirt then you're set to go. With Winter you can either look at it as an exciting season full of accessorizing heavily and layering to the nines or you can dread the thought of looking frumpy or large in big jumpers and shapeless coats.

So I figure it's time to post my thoughts on what works for me: 

1. Pick a length that suits you.

Many people make the mistake of getting something just because it is on trend and end up looking either drowned or like they borrowed it off their younger siblings. 

If you're short like me look for the petite ranges; Topshop, Dorothy Perkins & ASOS all have Petite ranges. With a coat the right length you'll find it will be a better fit on the arms, it will go in at the right areas if it is fitted and it won't drown you in fabric (unless that's the design intention). 

Petite outfit idea, slightly pricey but items that will get good wear.

2. Wear what fits, not the size label you usually are.

It is very important in all aspects of fashion to realise, what is on the label doesn't matter, it is how the garment fits that does matter. Remember with Winter coats you need extra room for layers underneath. No one cares if your jacket says size 8 or size 38, the only person it will bother is you. If you buy too small you'll be uncomfortable and look bigger than you are.

3. Layers, layers & more layers.

You can go crazy with layering your clothes, mix up colours, natural earthy tones or just black and white. 

Wearing a dress? Add a snazzy decorative scarf, some bright tights and even some over the knee socks over those. 

T-shirt and jeans your usual thing? Try adding a baggy jumper with skinny jeans or a tight sweater over a tank top with a blazer if you're wearing boot cut or baggy. Try not to wear baggy clothes on both the top half and bottom half of your body or you could feel very frumpy or bulky.

4. Accessorize. 

Buy a few waist belts to go over your coat to accentuate your waist, match it with a similar coloured scarf and gloves. Invest in lots of different length socks to go over your tights/leggings. Don't be afraid to add a vibrant colour scarf or hat to a neutral outfit.

5. Mix styles. 

Wear a feminine frilly dress with a camou-coat. Put on your favourite band t-shirt with a smart blazer, leggings, shorts and boots. Don't be frightened to break the rules.

A simple outfit idea from High Street shops at low prices.
I do not assume I know everything on this topic, this is merely my own experience. Hope this helps a few folk. 

Do you have any clothing you love & you can't do with out in winter?


  1. When it comes to clothing I live by the above rules, Wonderful post:)

    Sara xx New follower:)

  2. I live by the buy for your size unless you are absolutely sure you can tailor it (which is rare with nice coats). As a petite girl, I totally get it - midi-length coats look ridiculously odd on me.

  3. @Sara I'm glad we agree on these!

    @Anni I think people are so worried about being accepted they feel like they should buy smaller sizes. Crazy stuff lol. But yeh I look like a child if I wear midi-length coats haha.