Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Review: Espirit Eyeshadow Palette

Hey lovelies, today I have a little review of an eyeshadow palette by Espirit. I bought this from, dare I say it, a pound shop. I know that sounds insane and you may fear your face could fall off using this but knowing it was ESPRIT I figured I'd give it a go. The blue was a lovely aqua and the other shades pretty neutral so on my student budget I decided to go for it.

Here is the palette, nice large pigment areas and a little sponge applicator. I personally prefer to use a blending brush than the little applicators that come with these things. 

This is the swatches using the little applicator. 
1. The brown actually came out a lovely shimmery golden brown which I was pleased with, the powder was very smooth and quite opaque. 
2. The aqua blue shade is a lot paler than I thought it would be but an appealing iridescent shade none the less. 
3. The yellow/gold is nice but I definitely wouldn't combine this with the blue. 
4. You can barely see this as it is very close to my skin tone, it is a very light pinkish shade, more for blending than actual pigmentation. 

The back of the packaging shows a guide to applying these colours, personally I wouldn't use them all together as it isn't a very complimentary combination but it is always nice to have these for ideas. 

Over all the quality of this was good, very much drugstore quality but the colours are enjoyable and the price tag is clearly going to reflect on this. I probably won't buy this again since it was just a one off and likely a discontinued palette but I am pleased I gave it a shot. 

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