Monday, 26 November 2012

Style Inspiration

Hey lovelies, I don't really talk about my inspirations very often but these are a few of my favourites. I'm not a huge celebrity fan, they're normal folk like the rest of us, just with more money and press. This doesn't mean I don't appreciate the way they dress. 

I think Lauren Conrad is an amazing fashionista. She runs one of the best beauty and lifestyle blogs/websites out there and has impeccable taste. In the past I did watch some of the series 'The Hills', the story wasn't really what caught me, rather the way she styled herself. Lauren rocks a chic casual look and her hair is always looks so effortlessly stylish. 

Faves from Lauren: Leather jackets, floaty short dresses, pleather pants, beach wavy hair and minimaL accessorizing.

The Olsen Twins were probably my least favourite celebrities as a child, they annoyed me in movies and TV shows but as a late teen I came to appreciate their flair for fashion. Fellow shorties, they make couture fashion look amazing, defying that 6ft model standard. The casual clothing they wear is probably very very expensive but looks like a perfectly presented outfit picked out from the high street. 

Faves from the Olsen Twins: High-heel boots, petite clothing, wavy hair, monochrome look, baggy cardigans and big sunglasses.

I'll likely do more posts like this soon as I did have fun!

Source for images: Olsen Twins, Lauren Conrad 1, 2.


  1. Haha, you have pipped me to the post! I have a post set up about style inspirations. I like Lauren too she has 'real girl' style to me.