Thursday, 17 January 2013

Shining Snow

Hey lovelies how're you? I've been busy back at Uni and the snow has hindered lots of my plans but I have some beautiful photos of it. I've been setting up a little desk area in my room to use as a studio space to get my design work done. I've been busy using it so don't have many great pictures yet but here's a little instagram one. 

I've been using my PC & my Mac Book but it is so nice to have space for my sketchbook and things. I have clips on the wall for inspirational clippings.

I had a hair cut this week & my fella treated me to a cardigan & some jewellery. I love the chunky over the top bracelet & an armor ring is my favourite style. 


  1. your study area looks so cute, i'm trying to sort mine out but can't decide what to do :(

  2. Lovely