Saturday, 23 February 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

The temperature here recently has been so cold it has felt like the deepest of Winter. This inspired me to do a post on interiors to warm up your rooms/studios. Also a song to put you in the mood for those days wrapped up in a warm blanket, sipping hot cocoa and doing some work on your computer.

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Above are some examples of lovely warm interiors :) I really love all the combinations of different textiles, patterns and textures.Warm neutral fabrics with wooden accents and bright colours on soft furnishings really makes a cold space a warm and cozy home.

I compiled this little montage of images below for 6 essentials to making a room that little hovel where you can stay warm and feel inspired.

 1. Candles - Adds warmth and scented candles can be very therepeutic.
2. Antique/Vintage frames filled with unique art can really set the tone for the room.
3. Wooden storage/accents add personality to a room and steers away from that ice cold IKEA white.
4. Books - Keep a pile of books on your coffee table or desk for reference or as a break from your work.
5. Fairy lights and mirrors enhance the mood in a room, giving a festive feeling and mirrors can make the room appear more spacious.
6. Blankets - One of my favourites, blankets and throws add instant warmth to a room and can co-ordinate with other accents such as your hanging art, furniture or just your mood.


  1. Love you interior inspiration. We are doing the bathroom ATM and doing up a house we bought. The frames on the wall would look great in the hall!

    Be great if you could check my latest outfit post feat a camo jacket from Fashion Union.

    Thanks :) Charlie UK Fashion Blog | Lurch Hound Loves xx

  2. Awwr thanks for your comment Charlotte, hope your redecorating goes well :)

  3. Awwr thanks for your comment Charlotte, hope your redecorating goes well :)