Wednesday, 6 March 2013


H&M Animal Dress | Floral Flared Tube Top | H&M Floral Racerback Flared Top

Many people don't like Charity shopping as it means going through people's old stuff but the clothing is all washed and you can wash it when you get home too. You really can find some amazing high street brand bargains and it doesn't look like you've come from a second hand shop either. The biggest perk is that the money goes towards a greater good, some one or some animals may benefit from you buying something nice to wear.

Thifty Tips

1. Step out of your comfort zone - into Charity Shops.
2. Browse, even if the rail looks full of things you hate you can often find some gems.
3. Choose unusual tag lines in Ebay - rather than 'size 10 blue dress' search for a brand or a style of dress that you would like.
4. Throw a clothes swap party. If your friends are having a clear out then you might be able to snag that awesome top they wore and you always loved! Start clearing out your own unwanted clothing and trade away.
5. Avoid 'Vintage'. Vintage is usually a way to pump up the price of something you can find in a Charity Shop or Online for a couple of pounds/dollars.

I hope this post was a little helpful in this time of scarce spending.

What are your best buys from thrift/charity stores/Ebay?


  1. <3 all of the pretty floral patterns :)

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    Thanks! Charlie xx | UK Fashion Blog

  2. Oh I love the h&m stuff!

    Also so happy that you have the confidence to wear the american apparel body con dress, very jealous, wish I could!

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  4. @Kelsey I figure I worked really hard to get into the shape I'm in, regardless of if I look fat in it or whatever I do deserve to wear something I like :D Hopefully this will continue to build my confidence.

  5. You did well, the animal print dress is really cute. I love charity shops... though my mums the best at finding a bargain... she comes home with miu miu bags and chloe boots and all sorts!