Wednesday, 31 July 2013

MANGO // Best

I am a sucker for MANGO, I always find their clothes have a flare of sophistication. Their 'celebrity' model is Miranda Kerr, one of my favourite models that I look to for inspiration as I feel we have similar features (prominent cheekbones, small mouth, brown hair - not so much figure sadly!).

Looking through their look book on the website I found myself wanting so many of their new range.

Nothing beats a leather jacket with white t-shirt combo.

Elegant and perfect for those cooler evenings, especially as we near Autumn,

I'm away to Orlando, Florida in September these shirts would be
perfect for keeping cool and have a selection of Disney characters on some. 
Loving the slouchy sweater with ripped shorts and spiked clutch, classy punk.

These outfits really reminded me of the character Nana Oosaki from the Japanese show 'NANA', a character I considered partially a style icon of my late teens/early 20's. I'm a sucker for Punk.


  1. Wow i love these! We don't have a MANGO where I live but i've found i'm really liking the stuff i have seen from them lately (especially some of their jumpers). I really need to work out where my nearest store is.

  2. Try House of Fraser :D Or come to Norwich!