Saturday, 10 August 2013

LIFESTYLE // Budget Tips

I've been thinking about the future and trying to organise my life a little more efficiently. By this time next year I really want to have some savings, be more tough with finances and generally feel a little less stressed out about money.

To  help with this goal I've been hunting down great list apps and budget ones too, despite this though I have found having a small notebook with me at all times is best. I made my own little ledger and a list of what I've spent and when. Along with this list I've made a spreadsheet for weekly allowance from my wages. This may not sound super fun but I'm actually really enjoying it. It has helped me noticed when I'm looking at shops online just how impulsive and crazy about spending I am at times.

I don't need all this stuff, £20 is a lot of money to throw away on something I don't need on a regular occasion.

One of the biggest overspends is on eating out and buying snacks/coffee. That £2 for a coffee or £3 for a subway might need seem a lot but it adds up if done regularly.

So my top tips today are:

- Note down when you want to buy something, wait a week and if you still want it then you may buy it.

- Give yourself a weekly allowance, decided in advance. Work out your wages and ensure you're realistic if you want to save.

- Sign up to store point cards (not credit cards). Boots, Subway, Odeon, Superdrug and many more have these great points cards that can really help out. I often get a free cinema ticket from Odeon and then grab snacks with my Boots points (usually far healthier than Cinema bought food) and that's a treat to myself with out spending a penny!

Example: Today I got a free Subway, I had also left feedback on their site and got a free cookie so I paid £1.50 for a coffee and the rest of my meal was free! Coffee, Sandwich AND a cookie all for just £1.50, now that's epic value.

- Rather than go to the movies with friends, sign up to 30 day free trials on Netflix/NowTV/LoveFilm and get your friends over, buy some cheap food at the supermarket (or use your points cards) and then have a great cheap evening. Instead of ordering pizza buy one at the supermarket or make your own!

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