Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Last week was crazy with deadlines, trying to fit in seeing people and work so today I've been just spending a little time out. Put up a few little pieces in the room to make it that bit more festive, can't wait for Christmas, just love the festive lights and food.

On another note I had some little coffee jars empty in my room waiting to be decorated so I used some little Victorian style decorations with song lyrics to make them a little more interesting. They fit into my room decor better now and they didn't cost much at all to create something sweet and decorative. Now just to decide what to fill them with, I've seen other people use them for their spare change, candles etc. They make great storage for jewellery, might even use little bracelets or ribbons to decorate the lids.

How are you getting ready for Christmas? 


  1. I use beaded bracelets and ribbon to decorate mine, it is honestly the perfect finishing touch you should definitely do it.

    Which song lyrics did you use? I like that idea I may have to copy it :)

  2. I used a mixture :) Just went through some songs I liked on youtube and wrote them out - for example Lykke Li I follow rivers and Woodkid Iron.

  3. SOO CUTE!!