Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Hey sweet followers and folk that stumble upon my blog. I've been a little MIA recently, had a busy few months and had a horrid tooth ache so been keeping to myself. I want to start using this again though, try and get back into the swing of writing. Maybe not all stuff that is fun to read but just what floats my boat at the time.

The start of 2014 has been rocky, some personal stuff has had me feeling quite low but this last week and a half, though extremely busy with Uni, has been wonderful other wise. Valentines was spent with my lovely boyfriend, he got me a super sweet card (with cats, I adore them!), some beautiful blue and purple flowers and a little LUSH box set. It has a gorgeous smelling bath bomb and massage bar that I'm stoked about trying on Friday after my deadline hand in. Looking forward to taking a few days to get back to myself and enjoying a bit of free time, would be nice to not be attached at the hip with my laptop trying to get things done instead of proper relaxing with the Mr.

I hope you're all having a tremendous day, take it easy.



  1. Welcome back! Sorry to hear things haven't been great for you, we will have to organise a London day for some fun for us. x

  2. sorry to hear things have been a bit rubbish, but i hope everything looks up soon and you get back to blogging :)

    from helen at

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