Monday, 2 June 2014


This post is a little bit different to my usual. In the past I have blogged about fitness (through Tumblr and on my Wordpress blog 'Cardio Cat') but it feels like natural progression to revisit my thoughts and feelings on fitness, almost to remind myself why it is so important to me. Recently I have been letting myself down, eating lots of things that make me feel rubbish after and ruining my hard work from exercise. Unfortunately when I get stressed out I find it difficult to be motivated to work out or prepare healthy food which is ironic as it makes me feel good. So this is ultimately a post to show how far I have come and get motivated to stay on track. 

As a child I was a fairly normal size, I did however develop some fairly unhealthy habits through boredom after friends moved away from my local area and weight gain often led to me being a target for bullies. I spent most of my teen years shrugging it off, thinking I was huge when really I wasn't. Through a comfortable relationship I let my health fall behind, enjoying far too much of the Scottish takeaways and went from roughly 11 stone to nearly 14 stone.

13stone 8lb to 9 stone 11lb.

After my far too comfortable relationship ended I went back to studying and wanted to be part of the fashion world, pretty difficult when you look 3 times the size of most other girls on the course. I took it upon myself in February 2010 to get rid of the overweight tag once and for all. Through healthy eating and changing bus to college into walk to college and home I managed to lose almost 4 stone. It feels so long ago but I am still proud of this and although I have gained about 10lbs since then I really want to get back to the healthy lifestyle. 

Source: Tumblr.
Last year I started to run, wanting to take part in Race For Life, managing to get myself to the point where I can run for about 7k non-stop but now I want to take that further. Me and my sister are doing the Colour Run this Saturday and I am super excited. Having a goal is so important in motivating yourself if you're looking to lose weight or just to be fit and healthy. My goals are; work out at least 3 times a week, drink 8 glasses of water a day and to ditch take out. 

Let's get fit and healthy!