Thursday, 31 July 2014

LIFESTYLE// 101 in 1001

Inspired by the delightful Becky Bedbug (I hope you don't mind me doing this) I have decided to create a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. Hoping that this will make me more proactive and improve life in general. Over all I live a pretty happy life with a boyfriend I'm nuts about and few responsibilities other than University and a part time job. This aside here is my list. (Closing date April 27, 2017)

Career Goals

  1. Brand my freelance work
  2. Apply for jobs in creative industry
  3. Reproduce my refined work
  4. Photograph my work
  5. Redesign my website
  6. Create online portfolio
  7. Do at least 3 commissions
  8. Collaborate with other artists
  9. Learn web design basics

Blog Goals

  1. Find 3 blogs that inspire me to add to sidebar
  2. Create a weekly topic to post about (Candles Weekly)
  3. Attend a blogging event
  4. Post once a week for a month
  5. Make a video post
  6. Brand my blog with social media sites
  7. Start using manual settings more with DSLR
  8. Learn how to redesign my whole layout
  9. Draw something for the blog

Travel Goals

  1. Go to Edinburgh
  2. Go to Glasgow
  3. Go to Paris
  4. Spend a day walking in London (no tube).
  5. Go to Manchester
  6. Go to Brighton
  7. Go back to America
  8. Travel to 3 new cities by train  (Berlin, Cambridge)
  9. Photograph 10 new cities (9 more)
  10. Visit 4 museums (1, 2, 3)
  11. Visit 4 galleries (1, 2)
  12. Visit an aquarium
  13. Go to the Westfield centre
  14. Visit 3 Heritage sites
  15. Go to Newcastle
  16. Go to Italy
  17. Go to Amsterdam
  18. Go to a Theme Park

Creative Goals

  1. Draw a collage at least A3 sized
  2. Knit a scarf
  3. Organise and catalogue books/dvds
  4. Plant Bonsai tree and nurture it
  5. Learn 5 things from
  6. Visit the Norwich Castle exhibitions 5 times (draw/photograph) 
    - First Visit, Second Visit, Third Visit, Fourth Visit, Fifth Visit.
  7. Make something for a friend
  8. Spend an hour every night without phone/laptop etc.
  9. Read 10 books (1, 2, 3 (The Consolations of Philosophy), 4 (Brian Blessed Absolute Pandemonium)
  10. Watch 10 movies from IMDB top 250 
  11. Find something beautiful about the world everyday and write it down/draw/photograph it.
  12. Make a Halloween outfit
  13. Learn to crochet properly
  14. Learn a new pattern (bag/dress)
  15. Make labels for shelves
  16. Organise stationery into one place
  17. Organise all the loose cables I ignore too often
  18. Make an interactive mood board for next to work space
  19. Create a list book for books I want to read/movies I want to see
  20. Learn to draw 10 animals
  21. Practice continuous line drawing
  22. Photograph 20 shops I love (1, 2,)
  23. Collect textured items/rubbings on them and put into photoshop as textures

Shopping Goals

  1. Get some cute book ends
  2. Raise some money for charity
  3. Buy a tablet (Brother surprised me with one!)
  4. Buy a brilliant handbag (not a cheap one that I'll wreck)
  5. Buy a statement ring
  6. Restrict my budget on food/drink while out to £20p/m.
  7. Buy 3 pieces of art from artists I like online
  8. Buy all Christmas gifts before December
  9. Buy a set of staple clothing (plain white T, little black dress, Levi jeans)
  10. Monitor spending with logbook for at least 6 months

Personal Goals

  1. Do one thing everyday that makes me feel good (paint nails, facial, eat ice cream)
  2. Clear overdraft
  3. Open savings account
  4. Print photographs (I never do this for some reason)
  5. Finish 5 video games (DA:I, Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy III, Everybodys Gone to The Rapture)
  6. Create effective work space
  7. Reconnect with an old friend
  8. Go on a rollercoaster
  9. Try a new candle every week
  10. Eat at 5 new restaurants (1. Bills, 2. Shoryu, 3. 7Heaven, 4. Dray Yard Smokehouse)
  11. Go to a show at the theatre
  12. Watch a movie in the Gallery section of the cinema (Mockingjay)
  13. Go swimming at the beach
  14. Make a badge for each one of these
  15. Get another piercing
  16. Get a new hair style
  17. Create a playlist of songs that make me feel awesome
  18. Offer to help some one on a weekly basis 
  19. Do something every day to make some one feel happier

    The headers for each of these were the ones from this post >> click here << by Becky, please check out here post and see her updates on how she's been working on her list.


  1. Wow! So many goals, good luck with it all lovely. xx


  2. This is a really lovely post idea!
    Good luck with them all sweetie :)