Sunday, 13 July 2014


As the title suggests I went to Bill's restaurant this week for a birthday event. My friend Nik turned twenty-three and to celebrate he had a meal at this new addition to Norwich's vast amount of brilliant restaurants. It was lovely to share time with good friends and great food, if Nik is reading this I hope it was a fabulous birthday. The branding of Bill's is very contemporary and quite eccentric with it's diner style menu and chandelier decorations, it felt like a luxury and quirky dining experience. I highly recommend their halloumi & hummus burger with a chocolate brownie milkshake to wash it down with, both were delicious!


  1. The milkshake and the burger looks delicious. Hahah and the combination reminds me of Shake Shack, which is a NY based burger restaurant.

  2. It was pretty amazing, though probably not great for my healthy eating!

  3. Both the burger and the milkshake look and sound amazing! <3 As you know I've been to Bill's for breakfast but I definitely need to go and try dinner there too now! :)
    emmerliejay x