Friday, 2 January 2015


For Christmas my Aunt was very generous and gave me a £25 Amazon gift voucher. I had so many things in mind to buy, most of my gifts this year after all came from my Amazon Gift Wishlist but I left it a week so I could mull it over instead of the usual impulse buying on Christmas day (might be just me that does that heh). I know many folks will be starting up that yearly favourite of getting active at the start of January but I already have quite a few of my fitness outfits and the like from doing it regularly so here is what I got to supplement them.

These seem to be everywhere at the moment but I love the idea of making a real quick smoothie for on the go, great for breakfast time especially when I'm in a rush to go to University. The Blend Active for those that don't know is a blender where you place the cup on top, it blends and you take the cup with you instead of messy pouring and lots of washing up. This model was £20 on offer from Amazon.

My other buy was these snazzy Panasonic sports earphones. I hate running with normal earphones or headphones as big ones get sweaty and little ones fall out all the time which really puts me off. These were a bargain for only £5, I believe they are going for about £7.99 in HMV if you prefer to buy from the high street. Hoping that these will last as my previous pair (not same brand) had one earphone not working which honestly isn't great when you're missing half of Bohemian Rhapsody because one side is silent.

Why not comment with your favourite Amazon purchase recently?


  1. oooh an amazon voucher is such a great present idea! it means you can literally buy anything you want with it! that blender sounds great and so handy... i may get one myself, so like you i can quickly make a healthy breakfast and have it on the go! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. great post! i'd probably spend it on beauty products haha

    from helen at