Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Bloggers | Inspiration 2016

Most of my blogging motivation comes from reading amazing blogs or seeing something beautiful while I am out on adventures. I'd love to share these with you and hope you find as much joy from them as I do. Please note all images below are from their respective blogs, I had never noticed before how similar their logos were either, clearly all very creative types!

Being Little is written by Lyzi, a lass residing in the South West of England. She posts beautiful outfit posts which never conform to the restrictions of current trends. It always feels like she has found a fresh new look whenever her outfit posts come up. Fashion aside she is eloquent with her writing and has an eye for stunning interior design, a great example is her latest post 'Living Room Lust'. If you love high quality photography with fun fashion Being Little is a wonderful blog to scroll through. 

A Rosie Outlook is written by Rosie, hailing from Bournemouth she posts photographs of her fitness, fashion, food, travel and life posts. One of my favourite things about Rosie is she posts about real life issues and mindfulness, I believe I found the Lively Podcast through her blog in which intention based living is a key topic. Although her photographs are always beautiful I find myself even more captivated by the way she writes, as if you're old friends and she has a lot to catch up on with you. If you enjoy variety in blog posts then I highly recommend Rosie's blog.

On Serpentine Shores is my favourite blog for travel eye candy. Written by Alex, it features her adventures around Cornwall which is a place I went on holiday as a child and loved very much. Alex posts outfits but it never feels like an outfit post, more like a scene from a film with a beautiful country setting. The whole atmosphere of her posts and her blog in general are very natural and peaceful, like finding a beautiful book on a shelf in a bookstore then discovering it is a story which captivates you until the end. If you're into Poldark style visuals with content which fulfils every time then Alex's blog is for you.

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