Friday, 22 January 2016

Interiors | Zelkova Bonsai & Marie Kondo's Spark Joy

As part of my attempt to create a more 'Zen' environment to live and work in I've purchased a Bonsai tree, adding fresh leaves and beautiful shapes to my very neutral room. I've always been fascinated with Bonsai trees as they look remarkably like ancient trees and require care which adds a meaningful task to the day.

I also found these adorable fox bookends to keep my books tidy. I'd been looking for something very simple but these were in the garden centre for half their price. Much of my ornaments are of wildlife so these fit in perfectly and again add a splash of colour.

On another matter this little book is quite famous right now, Spark Joy by Marie Kondo (Author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying). The book gives a deep insight into Marie's tidying method which she calls the KonMari method. Inside are answers to questions about the best way to fold and store clothing, the order in which you can find best success in organising belongings and which possessions you should discard. Although there are many books on the matter Marie has a real flare for instilling passion into those that read them. I had already started clearing out objects that no longer served their purpose to me then this book came along and now I could decide what really brings me joy and make my room a cozy and calming place.

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