Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Stationery | TOMBOW Ladies Pen in Orange

I stumbled upon a little store on Magdalen Street in Norwich yesterday which I'd never been in but walked by so many times. In the store there was an eclectic selection of goods, with small stock levels of a variety of general office stationery. While looking in a little cabinet I spotted this quirky white box with scalloped edges with that familiar TOMBOW logo and this excited my interests. The sweet little man working in the store got it out for me and as I opened the box a beautiful bright orange leather case appeared with a copper orange pen with silver details inside.

The size of the pen was ideal, it is about three inches long and has a ballpoint nib which extends out when you pull at the silver top. It fits snuggly into the leather case which has a luxury feel and a strap which adjusts and fits around my notebooks perfectly. I'm so pleased with this and it only cost me £5, when checking Amazon I noticed it retails for almost £40!

The pen is available to buy here.

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