Thursday, 12 April 2012

Apricot Rustic Spring

Just a little post today.

Last night I bumbled around my room making it look half decent as being ill made it look slum like.

There are a few things I particularly like in my room, these include a Fafi Lapin print I made during college & my wall of pretty art.

I want to trim and neaten the print and change it's hanger to something less rank. It looks so cute with the lovely fairy lights behind it my partners gran bought me.


Another thing is my outfit today. Tonight I should be meeting up with ladies from my college class, I've been at University for almost a year now so we rarely meet up and do things together since we're all busy bodies.

This is what I'm wearing, I think the long dress with the tall boots makes me look shorter and wider but the warm browns and rustic orange seemed so at home together so I'll stick with it. 

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