Wednesday, 11 April 2012

BEAUTY // Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion Review

Product Review

After a nightmare 2 weeks of pain, discomfort and allergic reaction my skin is really suffering. I don't usually spend a lot on Moisturisers as I like to let my skin do it's own thing but I feel this is a great time to change that. Originally I was going to splurge on Liz Earle products but after having just bought Exfoliator from there I wanted to try something a little new that I'd not heard of. 

I found this Aveeno 'Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion' in Boots. I was drawn by the attractive packaging, it is a delightful golden beige cream and comes in lavender, shea butter or original. I chose Shea Butter but it really doesn't seem scented so I assume that is just the consistency. The cream itself isn't runny it comes out a fairly solid cream which instantly soothes and spreads easily across your skin. There's no greasy feeling at all through wear. 

The only thing that bothered me was I could feel the moisture on my face after which is really me not being used to having such a healthy moisturised complexion I guess.

Over all I would highly recommend this product, I love it. Definitely not for oily skin though. I almost instantly felt refreshed and my dry skin was gone.

On the bottle:
"With triple oat complex 
immediately relieves and 
nourishes extra dry 
irritable skin

moisturises for 24 hours"

Price: £3.66 (introductory price, normally £5.49)

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review, I wanted to share a product I enjoyed.


  1. I juz can tell that this lotion is not suitable for my skin.i dont know what' wrong..i read so many good coment about it. I have suffered from eczema for 3 years,so i decided to try this product.but after i applying it to my skin i feel uncomfortable bcozz it leave your skin so sticky!

    1. Very sorry to hear that it may be worth seeing a dermatologist to be referred for the best products or treatments. I understand this product along with many others won't be for every skin type but hope you've found the one for you :)