Sunday, 1 April 2012

I love MNG

So as the title says I do love MANGO, (the clothing retailer, not the food, but that's fine too!). I discovered the store when it opened in Chapelfield shopping mall in my home town. The store itself is so chic and London boutique style with simplistic shelving and tall mirrors & changing rooms. Despite the beautiful interior the garments are very affordable, with high street pricing.

This weekend I popped in, in desperate need of a sweater as the weather turned far too cool yesterday. Picked out this super cute polda-dot sweater with cute ribbon design on the back.

This is the sweater, the polkadots and ribbon give it such a feminine air and the fabric is so soft and cosy. It is fairly thin and the sleeves are 3 quarter length but it still kept me so warm and looked great with a black mini skirt and opaque tights. 
Ribbon detail (I tied it a bit hap-hazardly argh!) 

I must admit I did get a little side tracked and ended up buying a navy t-shirt, only to find it was half price. I was so pleased as Mango really does make lovely t-shirts in cute colours. These were all under £5 each which is really the best of bargains for the best quality. They're quite thin so they'll get plenty of wear through the Summer and these colours will be perfect. The navy or white are perfect for the nautical look and the coral will brighten up my dark jeans, shorts or skirts.

If you don't already shop there go check out their website, They sell some chic work wear and some feminine and sweet casual wear. If you love the sexy look they also have some classy night out outfits.

Which is your favourite clothes store?


  1. hey, just found your blog its great, i love your style. Would love if you could check mine out too, just follow and leave me a comment. Amazing blog, lovely to find a new read

  2. These are really nice, especially the orange top.
    We must buy all the Mango before it goes!

    I can never decide what my favourite store is.
    I think it has to be ASOS right now.

    1. I used to love Asos but I find it a bit beyond my budget these days though their student sales are ACE.

      I think the MANGO in House of Fraser is still sticking around but I am still tempted to buy lots before it all goes!