Sunday, 3 June 2012

Not So Sunny Sunday

Here is my past week or two; 
1: I started my eat clean, work out hard and look after myself in general plan. These are the shorts I want to be able to button up soon. 

2: I'm sure I'm far from the only woman that has purchased two of the same magazine for these lovely Benefit freebies. I had literally a week ago thought I needed a new Bad Gal mascara and this comes along, sample size for just £2. I also got pore-fessional :). 

3: I've been reading lots of The Song of Ice and Fire series, this is book 4. I love this series and can't recommend it enough to fans of fantasy/medieval style books. 

4: Enjoying the little bit of sunshine with my friends and my boyfriend. This photo was taken by my boyfriend, I'm pulling an odd face but I do like this photo. 

Caption 'Not So Sunny' kind of sums up how the weather has been but also my up and down moments.

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