Thursday, 23 August 2012

Autumn Brunette Auburn

Recently I got my hair cut, I don't do this frequently (once or twice a year, embarrassing to admit). I wanted to have something cute to compliment my heart shaped face, straight and long with no layers does little justice to such a full face.

This is what I wanted and got of course, a full fringe with layers and feathering around the face. Apologies about the poor picture quality. Usually I struggle to find a cut that works with my very fine hair and basic brown hair colour. I was tempted to get highlights put in but it wasn't within my budget and I think a stylish cut can do plenty. 

So I was looking into some playful styles I could do with this type of cut. 

1. My idol Zooey Deschanel is hilarious and has gorgeous hair! I think with a little volumiser and some imagination I could pull off her hair style.

2. Lea Michele's Bangs & Updo is so elegant and classy. I love how it works with her face-shape.

I hadn't realised how versatile having a fringe/bangs and classic brunette hair could be but there are some lovely glamorous ladies out there that rock this look so I'm going to try and be more adventurous with it too.

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