Friday, 24 August 2012

Fashion is Passion Red

One of my favourite things to see on blogs is the inspirations of others, the people that make them wish they were richer so they could buy all the clothes or just some one that offers make-up/fashion inspiration. 

So this post is dedicated to the people that have inspired and influenced me in the past few years. 

1. Kristiina @

This lass is intelligent, stylish and savvy with fashion. Her posts consist of outfit photos, lifestyle posts and wishlists of items she loves. I think I learnt from her blog that simple can be stylish and that even a hat can make an outfit stand out and look awesome. 


2. Emma @

I have known Emma for several years on a personal level, she's a lovely and sweet lass. I have always appreciated her natural flair for style and throughout all her different style choices she has remained a huge inspiration to me. I think her knowledge of beauty products mixed with her sweet personality are very enviable. 

Kerti is passionate about photography and fashion, she has the most awesome style. I particularly love how feminine she always dresses and her super cute hair style. I found through her website and I haven't been the same since hehe. I think a big part of my interest in taking photographs has come from Kerti, as well as my drive to dress up daily even when all I'm doing is going to Uni. 

I hope you find these blogs as wonderful as I did. I know that they are all popular blogs so they don't need the publicity but I felt that I would love to share the places I look for inspiration. 

To the bloggers I mentioned I hope you don't mind me using your headers if you see this, you guys are awesome. 


  1. This really meant a lot to me, especially because you've been an inspiration to me! I'm so lucky to know such a kind and strong person, and even more so to have one as a friend. Aww look at me, I'm getting all soppy, love ya!

  2. ;o; grab the kleenex we be having a beautiful moment here. But seriously I've always felt you're the most style savvy person I know. :)