Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Under The Sea Blue: Annarack

I am a huge fan of independent artists, people that create work by hand and work from home. The items are always unique and have that special feeling that love and hard work went into them. So it is hard to resist when lovely people like Anna of Annarack upload gorgeous under the sea style items on their Etsy! Queue 'shut up and take my money' references ;). 

Enough talk, these are the lovely items she sent me (apologies about the poor photos, the lighting in my room is horrendous, as is my photography skills). 
I received; 
1 pack of symbol earrings (featured in my wishlist post). 
1 pack of under water symbol earrings. 
1 pair of seahorse earrings. 
1 pair of starfish earrings. 
1 starfish bracelet. 
1 adorable under the sea themed keyring. 
1 set of eyes earrings. 
1 Sea themed necklace.

I feel thoroughly spoilt with the extras she sent me.

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  1. Awww thank you so much for featuring my jewellery again, you're the best. And you are most welcome :) btw the marbled paper I put on top of the box is like 10 years old, I made it at college.