Monday, 12 November 2012

Busy Busy Black

Hey lovelies. I've been a busy bee this past few weeks pulling together all my work for a deadline, it has been so stressful but a little fun too, lots of giggles with class mates. I haven't had much time to snap my outfits for the day so here is a quick phone pic with my Iconemesis Leah Cat phone case hehe. 

Dress: Ebay 
Jacket: Oasis 

My effort to dress for function over form has been working out pretty well, I never dress appropriately for cold weather though, can't give up those fancy dresses and cute skirts!

All the shops right now seem to be prepping for Christmas, it is so lovely to see all the decorations and the crisp cold weather is certainly a sign that we're getting close. I've done most of my Christmas shopping luckily so just enjoying treating myself with a red cup Starbucks drink now and again. I've worked so hard at University but that has led to lots of caffeine so after hand in I'm gonna try a detox from it, wish me luck.

Hope you're all enjoying the festive atmosphere!

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