Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Chilled November Teal

What is it with Christmas shopping that makes people so jittery? Every one in town seemed to be stroppy and rude, it was a little depressing after working hard at Uni all day. 

Today was a typically chilly November day, I tried to cover up as much but wanted a little bit of a girly day so in comes the skater skirt and stilettos. Dressing up gave me an opportunity to do an OOTD post, I did have a little faff around with some photoshop settings to see how I could spice up my photos. 

   Teal sheer shirt TKMAXX 
 Leather jacket Romwe 
       Skirt Miss Selfridges Petite 
Shoes Irregular Choice 
     Necklace NaturesMyFriend

Pardon my snarky posing. :)