Saturday, 17 November 2012

Sleepy Saturday Violet

Good evening lovelies. It is another frosty night here in England, settling in for a hot drink with a blanket is the only thing to keep those nippy chills away whilst studying or relaxing, at least I think so. The little poll I made on the side said you guys would like a few more posts on general life so here you are. 

Above is a montage of pictures I found on Tumblr, generally I don't advocate reproductions of work but it is fair to say I'd gladly purchase them if I'd know where they originate from. I wanted to do something different with my pin board as it had cut outs from magazines and random things that didn't really inspire me. 

This is a lovely bracelet and necklace set from AnnaRack. I adore nature and these are just so stunning, you really can't tell much from my photo but they're very delicate and the line work is very intricate. I've made quite a jewellery collection now from Anna's shop, all her pieces make me feel like I'm carrying a little treasure with me all the time.

A Vanilla scented candle I bought recently to decorate and give aroma to my room. The scent is gorgeous, it reminds me of sweet foods and warm nights in.

One of my guilty pleasure is video games, I've been playing Guild Wars a lot more since I handed in my assignments for University. There is currently a weekend event so that has kept me busy, even whilst over my boyfriends (such an exciting couple ;) ). 

I have a new assignment to keep me a bit busy over the next three weeks running up to Christmas. I also want to spend more time in the gym, too much coffee and sitting about for my own good! 

Hope you all have a good one. 

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x Claire x

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  1. Awww thank you for the feature again lovely, I am chuffed you are happy with them. I am going to do more intricately lined jewellery like the ones you bought.