Thursday, 27 December 2012

Great Tidings

Hello lovelies, did you have a splendid Christmas? I hope so! Here is a little run down of my gifts and purchases in the sales.

Neutrogena Multi-Defence Daily Moisturiser £7.99. This is an amazing moisturiser, I bought it with money I was given for Christmas, it has no greasy feeling and definitely refreshes the skin.

Nivea Daily Essentials Extra Gentle Eye Make Up Remover £3.79. Another Christmas money purchase, I needed a new eye make up remover - this one is particularly easy on the eyes and requires just a tiny amount to remove the make up.

A great selection of books, all bought by family and my boyfriend. I'm studying Graphic Design so these are all to further my knowledge and interest.

My favourite perfume, bought by my boyfriend, He surprised me with a bottle last year and repurchased it this Christmas, it has a beautiful scent.

Two video games I received. I love video games and these two had been on my list to play for a far time. I already tried both and they're much fun! If you love a little crazy Japanese style game these are worth checking out.

Liz Earle hair products. So excited to try these, I love the skin care selection by Liz Earle. 

I'm very fond of Moleskines, they're so delightful to write in and carry around for sketches. The velvet bag is from my mum and shouts luxury. The hat is from my boyfriend, it has built in speakers for those wintery chill out sessions.

I received a voucher from my boyfriends grandparents so I went on a shopping trip in Zara. The skinny trousers and lacey top above as well as the twisted cowl shirt below came to about £50. Totally worth it as they are all of durable and flattering fabrics. I love Zara clothing as it fits me a lot better than other high street stores.

A mixed texture scarf, given to me by my boyfriends grandmother. I love the mixture of fabrics and how thick it is.

Fossil bag in purple and fleece soft gloves. Both from my mum, these are very luxurious and will go with everything I wear. I love the idea of having things that will last for ages rather than cheap stuff that will break within a few months of wear.

Lastly a book of fiction, Cloud Atlas. The movie is coming out soon and I wanted to read the book first.


  1. I used to use the Neutrogena Multi-Defence but when i had it it only had SPF15. I may go back to it now it has SPF25, my skin needs all the help it can get.

  2. My boyfriends grandmother gave me exactly the same scarf haha! Mine was a mixture of blues and greys, I can't believe it haha!
    I love your blog, great photos x