Saturday, 26 January 2013

Thirteen For Twenty-Thirteen

Inspired by fellow blogger and friend Emily I have constructed a little bucket list of things to do in 2013. I am a bit unsure about real resolutions as I feel that perhaps we should always strive to improve our lives or at least live life to its fullest. 

1. Be money conscious. Consider spending and remember to use what I have before I buy more.

2. Say something nice to at least one person I care about every day. I already do this most days but I'd love to spread a little positiveness every day.

3. Work harder, keep up to date with University work.

4. Look on the bright side. I often find myself in a negative rut because all I can see is the bad parts of life and not the sunny side.

5. Get creative, I've got some learnt to crochet/knit magazines and I really want this year to be productive and creative. I think these can be very relaxing for the mind and body.

6. Put myself first. I spend too much time trying to please every one at once and end up not making any one happy.

7. Stay active. I've been going to the gym regularly and I've booked a second personal trainer session so fingers crossed I can achieve this.

8. Stay connected with old friends.

9. Blog at least once a week.

10. Do something for charity. Last year I was deeply affected by the horror that is Cancer in my family and I'd love to help the causes that improve the life of those that have it or have families with it.

11. Procrastinate less.

12. Take more photos. I love my camera and would love to store more memories with a nice set of photo albums.

13. Be at peace with myself. I need to stop bringing myself down, emotionally and physically I tell myself I am not worthy of what I have and that needs to change.

So that is my thirteen. What will you be doing this year to make a change?


  1. I also did my resolutions on the blog, we have similar goals (kinda haha). i also have one about blogging and going to the gym:) Good luck!

  2. I'm so glad you felt inspired! Your resolutions sound really good and achievable. Don't forget to have fun with them!

    Will you be keeping us updated with how you are doing?