Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Looking Fly

A little inspiration here from Nike Fit Club (image courtesy of their FB). 

I definitely feel like 2013 will be one of fitness and health. 2010-2012 were very active and full of improvements in fitness but to motivate I find that having nice work out clothes is definitely key. Don't get me wrong I often dress in the first t-shirt and shorts I find but I've come to appreciate many pieces of sports clothing. Here is a mini wish list of cute things I love.

Do you have fitness goals for this year?


  1. I'm really comfortable with my own body but lately I've been feeling that I can eat healthier and actually workout or try to do something active. So.. I'll be trying to cook more healthy stuff & I'll be working out with my bf (so hopefully that helps).. I wish you the best of luck with it all! It can be tough but we can do it :)

  2. You too lovely lady, you'll be fine! I think it is wonderful you're doing it as a couple too :)