Monday, 4 February 2013

Lady Luck Cream

As usual I have a whole load of work to do for Uni but needing a little break so thought I'd come do some blogging. 

Looking around the shops recently I have noticed an influx of cable knit and soft spring colours; cream, pastel pink, muted teals and cool beige. I rarely buy knits as they make me look chunky/like a Michelin man as I'm short and quite curvy but I found some lovely little sweaters in H&M with cable knit fronts but plain backs and was so chuffed! They're clearly popular as every size but S & XS were sold out. I snatched up two slightly different ones in cream with a Chapelfield (our regions big clothes shopping mall) voucher I had. 

I love the detail of these, it has a lovely nostalgic feeling, after years of wearing knitted sweaters in my childhood. I've collected some images for inspiration from Tumblr (all sources linked). A few of these look like the sweaters I have actually hehe!

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What are your favourite knit garments?


  1. I love cable knit, especially in cream!

    Where a bouts are you from fellow Claire? Out of interest because I'm not that far from Norwich and we have a Chapelfield! xx

  2. They are just lovely - thanks for posting!
    I've been looking for some pale knit jumpers so I will have to give h&m a visit :)

  3. @Claire I'm from Norwich hehe :)

    @Carrie Thanks sweet lady! They were only about £15