Friday, 8 February 2013

English Spring // OOTD

Jacket All Saints 
Shoes Faith 
Dress Rare (sorry you can't see it!) 
Tights H&M

Today's outfit is similar to something I wore last year. I love my coat which was an anniversary gift from my boyfriend, J. I spend much time bumbling about in jeans and the lazy sort of clothes when it comes to Uni deadlines but today I felt like getting dolled up (don't we all want a bit of glamour sometimes?}. 

Any way sorry about the poor quality I took this as I was leaving the house (you can see my full backpack heh}. I did go to the gym today and had an amazing little session with my P/T. I only see her once every 4 weeks but I highly recommend getting a session with a local trainer, it makes all the difference. You can improve so much with form and ideas for workouts.

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