Saturday, 24 August 2013

FASHION&LIFESTYLE // Week round-up.

This past few days has been lovely, spent them with my fella and also lots of exercising was had walking/running/gym visits through out the week. I always feel more positive when I've been working out, though I know I'm not amazing at it.

Healthy (mostly) foods, hitting my water targets for the week, no make up day, make up day (to compare ;))

Found some crazy bargains in town today, a cute rucksack from H&M (£10, treat from J) and a white jersey blazer from New Look (£9). It is strangely difficult to find blazers that don't have shoulder pads and being petite I find it looks so weird looking to have bulky shoulders.

My plan for the next week is work even harder with my work outs, I apologize if I post too much about it but at the moment it is my goal to get fitter.


  1. Cool pictures, you look great with and without make up :).I'm petite too and totally understand the shoulder pads pain haha, xoxo.

  2. @Inez thanks :) Yeh shoulder pads be hating us small ladies!