Wednesday, 21 August 2013

LIFESTYLE // Healthy Treat Propercorn

Hello my sweets, here is something delicious I wanted to share with those that are unaware of the wonders of Propercorn. Propercorn is a snack product, created by a gentleman that would make popcorn with his father, making lots of new and exciting flavours. Lucky for us he is now sharing some with us! These treats come in a fairly large bag in comparison to your standard crisp packet (potato chips for you exciting American types). The joy is that their ingredients could be counted on the fingers of one hand, very natural and good when trying to avoid lots of nasty E numbers and chemicals.

Sweet and salty comes to just 128 calories per pack! So wholesome ingredients, low in calories and currently on offer in your local Tescos too. Perfect if you want to go to the cinema and make sure you aren't consuming a mountain of sugar and empty calories.

Check them out!

Special thanks to Kelsey for her Awesome August videos displaying this product. Click her name to go to her Youtube where she regularly posts about her workouts/food.

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