Monday, 19 August 2013

LIFESTYLE // Mid-August

Hey folks, life has been busy with working out and the like but figure I'd post a little visual update, courtesy of Instagram images. Sadly it is quite cumbersome to carry my DSLR about all the time so phone camera it is. 

Went to see 2 Guns at the Slackers Club showing. It was fairly funny but a little bit cliched in places. It had that 90's action comedy vibe to it. Worth seeing though :)

My little ledger that I've been keeping tabs of my spending. Ironically next to it is my most recent purchases, believe it or not I haven't had a swimming costume in ages so picked myself up a black and pink slazenger one. Also I got two crop top/sports bra tops with abstract patterns on them. Loving the bright colours right now.

My life seems to be a constant attempt at healthier living. So here are health photos, one is my first meal of today and the other is my Polar FT4 results for my gym work out. Was pretty chuffed since I also walked to and from the gym which is near 2 miles each way. 

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