Monday, 2 September 2013

FASHION // #7days#7ootd update

Dress - Clothes Swap, Jacket - H&M, Shoes - Adidas LTD Edition Fafi colour

Top - River Island, Jogging Bottoms - Adidas/SportsDirect, Trainers - Nike/JJBs, Sports Bra - SportsDirect

Top - Dorothy Perkins, Shorts - Miss Selfridge

Still going with the 7 outfits for 7 days, though I've excluded Sunday as I spend all day in my work uniform and not sure I should be posting photos of me in it online. 

These are all instagram photos as you can tell from the dodgy quality. It feels really nice just thinking a bit more carefully about how I decide to wear things and putting bits together that I hadn't thought of. My favourite so far is the Terracotta high waisted silk shorts with the baggy cat shirt, both I haven't worn since last Summer so I feel my closet is being fully used now. Enjoying my old clothes makes me less needy for buying new ones! Hoping this will help with my budgeting. 


  1. @laura Oh I totally agree! The top is a little too big for me now but I like to tuck it in as it is part of my collection of kitty clothes.

  2. I've been loving these. Its been nice to see you doing some OOTD posts even if it is only on IG.

  3. @Emmie Thanks! Not very exciting outfits but it is helping me use all my clothes.