Thursday, 29 August 2013

FASHION // Day 1 OOTD #7days7ootd

Emma over at is doing a really awesome little project, 7 different outfits for 7 days. The idea is to wear different pieces of clothing each day rather than reusing the same garment and washing it then using it again. Using more of my closet would be great as I am so guilty of sticking with the same favourite staple clothing.

My hair be crazy from being in a bun but I'm kinda loving it. Here is my day one, excuse my super pale legs, they don't see sunshine too often.

Shirt White Stuff
Skirt H&M 
Shoes Peacock 
Watch PolarFT4 
Jewellery Gifts


  1. Pretty sure I always do this anyway haha! Such a cute, A/W look. I really like that skirt.

    Tara xo

  2. @Tara yeh I thought I did then I looked at what I do wear and realised I only use about 10% of my clothes haha!

    Thanks :)