Wednesday, 28 August 2013

LIFESTYLE // Propercorn VS Shapers

Let's talk popcorn. Since my introduction to Propercorn I have found it a little difficult some times to find the product in shops, some Tescos have it, others don't. So I have been hunting for possible alternatives in case I ever wanted to treat myself. Today I came across Boots healthy range 'Shapers - Sweet & Salty Popcorn', great a possible alternative! But is it all good I wondered so today I'm breaking down the differences from the nutritional information, to my personal opinion on taste and cost.

Bearing in mind that Shapers is 20 grams a pack and Propercorn is 30 grams a pack there isn't a significant difference in nutritional information, though the ingredients are different.


Propercorn uses sea salt and brown sugar where as Shapers uses white sugar and normal table salt. I think this is reflected in flavour.  I found Propercorn to be a better mix of the two flavours as neither over powered the other.

Shapers had a distinct sweetness, which to me is fine as I love sweet things but it didn't match up to the curiously wonderful mixture in Propercorn.


Shapers was 65p per 20g pack which felt plenty for a snack.

Propercorn was 75p per 30g pack and was sufficient, I felt, for taking to the cinema and enduring throughout a movie.

Not much in it between the two price wise, both are a little expensive compared to buying a chocolate bar, though those are rising in price.


I feel Propercorn is the better choice, it was very close but the flavouring in Propercorn just felt more of a luxury treat and settled both sweet and savoury cravings. I will definitely purchase both again but I highly recommend you at least try one of these delicious treats.

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