Saturday, 14 September 2013

FASHION // September buys

Spent a little too much this weekend but here are some bottom half clothing pieces I picked up. I've spent a good few years losing and maintaining weight so it is always hard for me to judge which size I am, leading to LOTS of hours in the changing rooms and I find these. I got the trousers half price and Miss Selfridge offer 10% off for students.

1. Miss Selfridge Petite Black Jeans - 25.00
2. H&M black trousers with white panels - 14.99
3. Zara Dark Blue Jeans - 19.99
4. JD Sports soft jersey shorts - 12.00

It is hard finding lovely workout clothes but I love these shorts, they're great for lounging around in too. Quite chuffed I found so many lower half garments in one weekend really.

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