Monday, 16 September 2013


Eating healthy and finding snacks is difficult, short of eating fruit all the time. So I am always excited to find new treats that feed the sweet tooth but also help me with maintaining a low weight. Here are my little reviews of my old favourite; the nakd bar and also the the yo yo bear which is new to me. 

Nakd bars are a delicious treat, they come in a multitude of flavours; ginger bread, cocoa mint, cocoa delight, cocoa loco, rhubarb & custard, banana bread, berry crunch, cafe mocha and cashew cookie. My personal favourite is cocoa orange, they contain; dates, cashews, raisins, cocoa and a hint of natural orange and chocolate flavouring. With these wonderful natural ingredients they are an excellent sweet treat for some one working on losing or maintaining a healthy weight. They also have a satisfying almost chewy consistency, like a soft chocolate bar. (Roughly 140kcal per pack)

Yo Yo Bears are rolls of fruit lightly baked. I tried them properly for the first time today and honestly I found the consistency a little odd, somewhat 'bitty'. It definitely fulfilled my need for something sweet but I wasn't fond of the strawberry flavour - I did however buy an apple one to try later. Something I did love was the cute little card that came with it, on the reverse were comparisons of human to dinosaur sizes :) great for kids! Once again the ingredients are all natural too. (Roughly 60kcal per pack)

Both of these products may be purchased from Holland and Barrett and many supermarkets.