Tuesday, 17 September 2013


The best things in life are free? Well maybe not so much but these are my recent finds and perhaps tips for you to get some joy from the smallest of spends. 

I really enjoy searching Charity shops for bargains. It can be a pain to look through everything and there are lots of clothing in there that are not for you but I often find expensive high street clothing (River Island, Coast, French Connection, White Stuff, Topshop) in amongst the tatty stuff. The stripy dress top is All Saints and only cost me 99p and is in mint condition, I also found a coast strappy top for 1.99, both of these would be in excess of around £20 each if bought in their original stores. 

I've also been known to hunt for cheap games, the Professor Layton and Ace Attorney games are often quite expensive but I got both of these for a fiver all together. It is always worth checking Ebay, Thrift Stores and Game shop preowned sections for bargains, I intend to play these on my plane journey this weekend. 

Lastly, sometimes free things come to you. I received a card through the post today for a free coffee from Starbucks for using their top up card frequently, it is really worth using those points/top up cards in shops. The photo is of cards and coasters sent by The Red Cross, a charity that is known worldwide for their generous work, these were in our mail and I'm sure the post boxes of all my neighbours. A delightful way to get word out to folks with out the pressure of cold calling.


  1. I wish i had your patience for searching the charity shops, even TK Max drives me insane but i think that is because ours is so messy.

    Enjoy playing your games on the plane, lots of time to pass. Have fun!

  2. @Emmie - TKMaxx is so irritating, I find myself thinking it isn't worth it but I have a keen eye for the brand clothing in most stores - guess it is my knowledge of textiles?

    Thanks hun x