Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Photos of the day. It was a day in town with some of my University friends, we got hot drinks and mooched around town. Today's look was a homage to my middle name, bright red flowers and a bold lipstick. The necklace in the first photo is a necklace, bought from the delightful Annarack.

I love a wander around town and the fun is in the company you take. Unfortunately my fella works afternoon/evenings so it is difficult to spend every day with him but I do have some wonderful friends that make the days brighter.

Binx with an apple, she's very small you see so even an apple is big next to her.
In Starbucks,  my lipstick has worn off from sipping my complementary coffee.
R & Binx playing with lego in Wilkinson's. We're real adults yeh? Graphic Design students are always being creative.
I love Henry Holland's collection in Debenhams, always such great patterns and original colours.


  1. I really love your necklace! It's so beautiful! You really seem like you had fun! Love all the pictures!

    I've never head of Henry Holland before, but from what I see, the clothes are really attractive!

  2. @Kat - Henry Holland made those amazing 'suspender tights' :)

    It was fun thanks sweet lady.

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