Thursday, 19 September 2013


Miss Selfridge have an excellent selection of dresses and apparel for petite. By petite I don't mean just extremely thin but for us shorter ladies. From size UK4 to UK14, this range offers a better fit with the waist actually where it should be, unlike when buying clothes for what is considered 'average height' clothing. I got the dress on the right (£32.00) in black, it also comes in blue. It is a wonderful velvet with a gorgeous pattern, the fit is divine. I really hope that they extend this range and more stores take on 'petite' ranges.  

The bright pinks/reds are lush and I'm in love with the deep blues, there needs to be a little more pattern perhaps though, like the one below.

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  1. That khaki jacket is really cute! I'm not particulary tall but I have weird proportions so sometimes I have to get things from the tall range. I definitely think the industry need to increase their petite and tall ranges - we're not all the same size!

    Tara xo