Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Bangle - Bracelet - Watch

Fossil is a store selling fine jewellery, clothing, bags, purses and accessories in general for those of you that aren't already aware of the store. Their selection is awe-inducing and every time I go to their stores I find myself wanting at least a handful of their bags.

While in Florida on holiday me and my sister went to Universal Studios, in their shopping/cafe district at the start of the parks they had a Fossil store and I was surprised honestly. Whilst there I was struck with surprise at just how much cheaper the prices were in contrast to the British stores.

I have had my eye on a Michael Kors watch for a while, the rose gold ones in particular but the ones in Fossil are just as gorgeous and came in the 'boyfriend' style that I loved. These photos don't do it justice really, the crystals look like authentic diamonds and the brushed metal effect convey a classy rather than full on bling appearance.

Also bought the bangle and bracelet, contrasting a delicate with a slightly chunky bangle and watch really mixes up the style and makes them go with just about anything I wear. Looking forward to mixing them with other pieces and investing in more in the near future.

Fossil have a great hashtag for their 'stacks' of bracelets with watches. Check out #fossilstackisback for lots of photos with beautiful accessories displayed on dainty wrists.


  1. I love the stack! So pretty and very you! Can't wait to see you so you can show it off to me and tell me all of your adventures.

  2. I looooove Fossil and I definitely love the stacked bracelets. I always have trouble stacking bracelets. lol.

  3. Thanks for your comments sweet ladies :)

    @ Emmie - We can bling it up together with our watches :) x

    @ Kat - you have great style and taste though :)

  4. thank you for your lovely comment! i am also a gib fan of coats and dresses :)
    best wishes from germany :)