Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Product courtesy of BzzAgent & Optrex.

I was very excited when I was offered Optrex Eye Revive Moisture Mist by BzzAgent to try out and review. I've found for a while that frequent use of liquid eye liner and general makeup, along with the stresses of daily life, leaves me a little lacking of hydration around my eyes. This product is designed to restore hydration around the eyes and keep your eyes feeling refreshed for longer. No more will my eyes feel tired and neglected, as this spray goes on over make up and can be used any time of the day as it comes in a handy little spray bottle, ideal to go in any handbag. 

My initial experience with this product has been that it is easy to apply (spray directly onto closed eyes), it instantly felt cool and refreshing on my eyes and it left the skin around the eyes soft and feeling revitalised. I was sceptical that it could make such a huge difference but I definitely had a more awake feeling around my eyes. Though I don't wear contact lenses this spray also works whilst wearing contacts for those of you that wear them. I am still in the early days of trying this product but I will report back after a month or two of use.

I would definitely recommend this product, if you have a busy lifestyle or spend plenty of time in front of computer screens then this is an ideal solution to keep your eyes feeling fabulous! Love your eyes, treat them to some of this refreshing spray. 

Available at Boots, Tesco and other beauty stores.

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