Tuesday, 29 April 2014


I'm a sucker for coffee, I love the boost caffeine gives in the morning and the treat of a sweet caramel latte is just so tempting. The feeling of visiting a coffee shop and enjoying a more premium coffee is one of my favourite past times (sad I know). 

A few friends had been talking of Tassimo machines and during a browse online I came across this beauty, on offer at £45. It is the Tassimo Charmy (T55), it features a water filtration system which is ideal as I live in an area with hard water. The machine uses little pods of coffee and milk to create hot drinks, many from familiar favourite brands such as; Twinings Chai Latte, Milka Hot Chocolate and Costa Latte/Caramel Latte/Cappucino

The brilliant red is so striking, though I bought it as it was such a great deal I'm glad it isn't in standard black. It's shiny exterior is reminiscent of 1950's American diners. So far I have only tried the Costa Caramel Latte and I must admit it is amazing, I'd read reviews that say the milk isn't great but it tasted delicious, the coffee taste was rich and much like that of the real thing. Looking forward to trying the other flavours, especially the Chai latte. The taste isn't 100% that of coffee shops but I'd say it is a great at home substitute and the machine works so fast it is ideal for some one with a busy lifestyle. 


  1. I love your mug so much. I like the idea of these machines but I'm not a coffee drinker so it seems like a waste for me to get one just for the occasional hot chocolate.

  2. They do a few teas too though I hunk maybe tea is better fresh? Not a big tea drinker these days hehe